The Bacon Adventure

St. Laurence’s NS, Greystones​, 4th class, County Wicklow, 21st May 2019

“Yo yo yo Im DJ banana” “Pleased to meet you I’m Patrick the Pig.

It’s a lovely day here on the farm.

“Come on would that sun just go away” said Patrick the Pig who hates sunlight.

“I wish I was human so that I could put on Factor 50+ and a sun hat”

“Yo yo yo can’t you just go to the wizard?

I’m his second cousin twice removed, so we can go for free”.

They set off and had to walk past the demon world which was in the butcher’s shop, next to the wizard’s castle.

The night was dark and luckily the butcher’s shop was closed.

Suddenly a flickering light came on, only to reveal a set of knives.

They could smell bacon. As they approached, DJ Banana got pulled towards the demon world.