Babysaurus Rex’s Cheese Moon Adventure

St Andrew’s, 6th class, County Wicklow, 14th September 2017

Once upon a time there was a babysaurus Rex.

One day she went to the Killing Arena with her best friend Quack.

There she saw birds whacking each other, and killing each other with the stick.

Rex was horrified and said to Quack: “I’m turning vegetarian!”

“Then we have to go back to your house and throw away all that meat, oink!” Quack replied.

“Let’s go back and plant some vegetables,” said Rex.

They got in the Rexmobile and drove home.

When babysaurus walked in the door she stood and looked at Daddysaurus Rex and said: “I’m Vegetarian!”

Daddysaurus said: “But I just made you a salami pizza, with a block of salami!”

​Babysaurus Rex thought to herself “I want to go and find THE Block of Mozzarella, to put on my pizza.”

She looked in the Atlas to see where the Block of Mozzarella was located, and found out that it was on the Moon, because the Moon was made of cheese!

They turned the Rexmobile into a spaceship and prepared for take-off, but little did they know…