The Ba-Boom Stick Scandal

St. Fiachras SNS, 6th Class, 14th December 2020

Lara the Llama and her friend, the King of the Curry Munchers, were walking on a beach in the Bahamas wondering if they could ever live there.

Then they came across a donkey with sixteen ba-boom sticks on his back.

Lara screamed with fear, “AAAHHH! Curry Muncher, save me!”

“Run!” exclaimed the Curry Muncher.

They ran and hit into a “For Sale” sign outside a glass house with a few wooden planks.

They saw that the sign said “Call Jack Keewee at 009789.”

The donkey carrying the ba-boom sticks was chasing them so they scampered inside.

They ran inside and bumped into Big Head Britney the Giraffe.

They waited until the donkey had gone away and went to the nearest telephone booth to call the number for Jack Keewee. 

But instead of Jack Keewee, Ninja Nanny, the ba-boom stick donkey answered…