Azure Jenkins and the Lost Stone

St Andrew’s NS, County Wicklow, 5th Class, 23rd November 2016

In a little cottage, in a really deep forest in Co. Wicklow, Alisia Crotchet came over and then she blew up the cottage. 

She blew up the house and then Paddy the Troll, from a different part of the forest, saw the smoke rising; he went over to see what had gone wrong. 

When he went over he saw a dead body lying on the floor. 

When Paddy saw the body on the floor, he also saw Bob the Pig taking care of the body.

Then, out of the corner of the troll’s eye, he spotted a black cape running up towards the woods.

In a puff of smoke, Azure Jenkins arrived with a loud crash!

“Oh my goodness!” said Azure, “Alisia is dead!”

“I must go find the dinosaur that has all of the magic spells and the Stone of Power.” shouted Azure.

Paddy said, “I’ll help you find George the Dinosaur, but if I have to, I want Alisia to be my servant for eternity.”

“NO!” screamed Azure. “I don’t want Alisia to ever be your servant!”

“But I know where the dinosaur is, and it will take you ages to find him.  And, by then, someone will have stolen Alisia’s body!” Paddy said.

“What would be the point of bringing her back to life only to make her go away again?!” yelled Azure. “I can bring Alisia on my broom with me.” 

And with that, Azure set off…