Aunt Winfred Did It!

Scoil Fhursa​, Nile Lodge, Galway, 6th Class

Mercedes the Ford wakes up in the junk yard. There are  cars being crushed around Mercedes.

“Oh no! I'd better go because there are cars being crushed around me,” he cries.

But Mercedes discovers that he has no fuel in the tank. He looks up and sees a man walking around the junkyard.

The man walking through the junk yard is Hunter McKenzie Circle Pants.

Mercedes calls to the man. “Hey, I need a little help here!”

The man stops. “How are you doing?”

“Great!” Merceces replies sarcastically.

Mercedes then notices that a Vampire Squid is operating the crushing machine in the junk yard.

“Give us a litre of diesel so I can get home!” Mercedes shouts to Hunter McKenzie Circle Pants.

Hunter urgently goes to get the fuel. Unfortunately, he accidentally brings back petrol instead of diesel.

The petrol is poured into Mercedes’ tank.

Instantly Mercedes goes beserk. His wheels spin.

“What fuel did you put in me?” cries Mercedes. Hunter tells him that it said diesel on the pump but it must have been petrol.

“It could only have been the work of Aunt Winfred!” Mercedes thinks to himself.

She has never liked Mercedes. Aunt Winfred lives two doors away from the junk yard...