Attack of The Teacher

3rd and 4th Class 5th March 2010
Once upon a time there were two Plutanians called Klalak and Kaeraeahj.  They were on their way to their first day of school when they said

“Ah, we don’t want to go to school.”

So they decided to ditch school.  They called their friend Choco the Chocolate man who lived in a chocolate house. 

They asked him to get in their car and go to Mars to find the Flying Butters.

These were purple butterflies who shot lasers out of their eyes.

On their way there they nearly ran over some Headians.  These were really tiny people with big heads and small arms and legs. 

Luckily they didn’t run over them because some Bobbles had broken their engine.

They then jumped out of their seats and discovered they could fly.  Some spies, sent by the school because they had ditched, found them.

The Teacher had a bamboo cane and was leading the spies.  They were after the Plutanians and Choco.