Attack of the Hamburgers

​Lacken N.S, 3rd & 4th Class, County Wicklow, 10th May 2017 

I was going for a walk in the old forest. All of a sudden, three badgers jumped out of a bush.

I think their names was ‘The Badger Bros. The brothers were being chased by a centaur.

Gary, the griffin sees the centaur and says “Hello Trevor. Why are you chasing the Badger Bros?”

“The Badgers Brothers have robbed €52 million from a bank” replied the centaur.

“We need to call the old forest sheriff” 

A long while later, the old sheriff arrived on his motor scooter wearing his old dusty badge, he flipped a coin and everyone in the old forest turned upside down.

All of a sudden, they realised they were in a desert.

Hammy, the hamburger started chasing them with his army…