The Attack of the Cutlery!

Belgrove Senior Girls School, 6th Class, 8th October 2012
The Spoon screamed “You will die, spy fairy!”

“You will never defeat me!” replied Natalie as she started to fly up towards the clouds.

Natalie was a small town girl with a big dream of destroying the Evil Talking Spoon by pushing him off the Empire State Building. Her large green afro swayed in the wind.

Natalie was a fairy who worked in a spy agency called Spying and Co, carefully hidden behind a rundown cupcake factory located high up in the sky on  a pink cloud.

Natalie was a very intelligent spy who worked under the codename Pink Fluttershy.

She flew everywhere with her best friend and assistant, Pillow the flying fish. The two friends mostly talked about their ambition of destroying the Talking Spoon.

“The only thing that’s going to stop you destroying the Talking Spoon is your fear of his evil henchmen The Army of Forks” Pillow the fish would always tell her. 

“Those forks are a menace to society and a waste of space in your kitchen! Whatever happened to finger food?!” Natalie would always reply.

As she was flying away her leather jacket snagged on the prongs of one of the forks. Natalie quickly took out her bubble gun and aimed at the forks’ eyes!

When the bubbles shot out of the bubble gun they formed into mini tickling hands which began to tickle and annoy the forks.

While they were distracted Natalie leapt into the waiting Formula One car with Pillow the fish behind the wheel...