Attack of the Butterflies

​​Donoughmore NS, 5th and 6th class, County Wicklow, 11th October 2017

Billy was riding his bike down a narrow forest path with his pellet gun. 

He arrived at an old wrecked cottage where his best friend Timothy the flower pot lived.

“Hey Timothy”  said Billy, but the Flower pot just shrugged and didn’t reply.

Suddenly the pot was blown over in the wind and was chipped.

“It was probably butterflies!”  screamed Billy, “they are always flapping their wings to cause trouble”.

Billy grabbed his pellet gun and rapid fired in all directions. 

“You will pay damned butterflies!”

Billy told Timothy that he was going home for his tea, but that he would be back tomorrow to fix him.

Billy also wanted to get some sunflower seeds to grow in Timothy’s pot so that Timothy could have a face and talk.

But when he was going home he saw butterflies coming out of the forest . 

They formed a ball and in the middle was Mothra, the giant butterfly…