Around The World

Assumption Senior School, Walkinstown, 5th Class, 28th November 2011
Marceline and her best friend Suzie were in geography class, learning about the world.

Marceline really liked Suzie because she was different, and had psychic powers!

Marceline was looking at a map of the world in her text book.

“I really want to travel the world,” said Marceline.

“Yeah,” said Suzie.  “Me too.”

Later that day, when they were cycling home after school, Suzie felt a strange headache coming on. It was a vision. In her mind she saw Marceline in great danger!

She began to worry about Marceline’s wish to travel. 

The two girls had been friends for a long time.  Suzie had always looked out for her. Marceline had lost her memory two years ago, when she was nine. Everything had been different since then.

Suzie began to wonder how she could ever convince Marceline not to go on the trip…