The Army of Fingers

St. Fiachra’s J.N.S.Beaumont, 2nd Class, 16 January 2012
Once upon a time, there was a horrible, grey, stinky, smelly school.

It smelled like rabid dogs, the food bin, and an army of skunks.

The meanest teacher in the whole school was the evil Mrs Bossy Boots. Whenever students went into her class, immediately she gave them thousands, millions and billions of homework. 

At Christmas, Mrs Bossy Boots replaced presents with homework and at Easter she hid homework in the eggs. Even when kids were being extra, super nice, she threw glue on them and then covered them with pencils, cackling all the while: “Muwah ha ha ha!!!”

Mrs Bossy Boots even sneaked into the children’s houses when they were sleeping and cut up their unifroms. And, even when they do amazing, brilliant work, she gave them horrible F’s.

Across the street from this most awful of stinky schools in a HUGE multicoloured (but mainly purple) house, there lived a magical man with a multicoloured finger.

Everything the man owned was mulitcoloured, including his pet dragon.
The multicoloured magical man heard about the awful school and the horrible Ms. Bossy Boots. 

He decided to save the poor, defenceless kids.

So he set out on his dragon and soared through the open window. BUT!  His old enemies, the army of fingers, had come to the school looking for revenge…