Angel the Superstar and the Wrestler

St George's National School, Balbriggan, 8 September 2009
Once upon a time there lived a superstar singer called Angel.  One night she was in the middle of a concert and she got stage fright. 

While she was on stage, her older brother was talking to their father back stage when Angel rushed off the stage.

“I can’t do this!” shouted Angel.


“Dad, we need to tell her to practice more,” said her brother CM Stinky the wrestler.

“If you sing, you will have a limo,” said Angel’s dad.

“I feel like I’m missing something, Dad. I want someone to sing with me. I miss my mum,” Angel told him.

“What about if we get your cousin and a friend to come and sing with you instead?  Then you can make a band,” said her dad.

Suddenly, Angel’s best friend Poochy the dog came in and started barking...