Andrew and his magic dog

St. Fergals Senior National School, Bray, 3rd Class, 13th November 2012
Once upon a time there was a boy called Andrew and he was a footballer.

Andrew was a tall boy with blond hair and his best friend was a talking dog called Bruno. Andrew was able to talk to his dog because he was half dog and half human. 

Andrew had a big long tail which always wagged and he drooled a lot when he saw sausages because he loved them so much.         

Andrew and Bruno were in Andrew’s bedroom talking about sausages.

“Let’s forget about sausages for a minute, I think you should be a footballer” said Andrew

“Yes, I should be a footballer when I grow up” said Bruno with his paws near his face and his floppy ears standing up straight and his tail wagging.

“I would coach you for a year to become a professional footballer, let’s go outside right now and practice” said Andrew as he jumped up and down on the bed.

The two friends went down to the park in Roseville. 

It was a Saturday and it was a scorching hot day. 

The two friends were boiling and Andrew took off his jumper. The first task was to teach Bruno how to shoot the ball.

“This is too hard” complained Bruno the dog, jumping back on his hind legs. “I just want to go home and eat sausages”.

“It’s not working so well, but if you train hard I promise to get you some sausages and bring you to a football match in Croke Park on Sunday” replied Andrew.

Just then Andrew’s friend Alice walked towards them with her wrestling dog called Sparky and this gave Andrew a great idea.