Amy on a Mission

Stanhope St Convent Primary School, Stoneybatter 4th class 12th May 2011
One day in school, Amy was standing at her locker.  Cheerleaders came over and pushed her in her locker and locked her in!

The cheerleaders took Angelica, Amy’s rag doll, from her bag.  They started playing with Angelica.

Angelica came to life and said, “Leave me alone!”

The cheerleaders dropped her and ran away screaming.  Angelica screamed to Amy, “What’s the combination of the locker?”
Amy shouted back, “It’s 1-2-3-4!” 

Angelica got Amy out of the locker and Amy said, “Phew!” 

Suddenly, Angelica and Amy heard a loud scream down the hall. She rushed to see what was all the commotion.

Then, Amy saw from the corner of her eye an empty cage in the cheerleader’s hand.

The cheerleader said, “Someone’s replaced my pink hamster with a fake one!  Whoever finds it can have anything they want!”

Amy said, “If I find it, then will you leave me alone?”

Amy didn’t realize there was a secret room in her locker.  The hamster was in her locker, but it was guarded by killer rats.