The Amazing Adventure

St Patrick’s National School, Diswellstown Road, Dublin 15, 5th Class, 25 February 2019

Canky the Candyfloss Monkey was lost in a candy jungle. Her family had dissolved in a flood.

She did have a brother, but he had been monkeykidnapped long ago.

Canky was swinging through lollipop trees on liquorice vines when she saw a penguin stuck to one of the lollipop branches.

“Are you okay?” Canky asked when she went to help him.

“What do you think? I’m stuck to a lollipop tree,” bellowed the penguin.

“Take a chill pill. I am going to help you,” replied Canky.

Canky pulled the penguin’s wing from the lollipop tree.

“Thanks for the help,” he said and flew away.

Canky decided to follow the penguin. She really wanted a friend.

So she followed him to his underwater home on the north side of the candy jungle.

Canky saw the penguin go underwater. She went in after him not realising what was happening.

The penguin turned around and saw Canky start to dissolve. He saved her just in time.

“Next time, remember it’s water,” said the penguin.

“Thank you! My name is Canky. What’s yours?” said Canky.

The penguin replied, “I’m Mike. Nice talking to you.”

Canky asked, “Do you want to be my friend?”

“I’ll think about it,” Mike thought to himself.

There was an awkward silence…