Alfalfa goes nuts

One day Alfalfa was in Croke Park. He was practising his stunts up on a bungee cord on top of the goal post.

He jumped off and right before he was supposed to bounce back, the cord tightened and gave him a gi-normous wedgie and he hit the ground.

The squirrel had a best friend-a chicken but this was no ordinary chicken, this particular chicken laid nuts instead of eggs!  His name was Ape.

While watching the football match Ape looked over to where the squirrel was practising his stunts. He saw that the goal post had broken. He was worried because the goal post was worth over 10, 000 euro. He walked over to where the squirrel was.

He said “you ….” And he turned around and gently fired some nuts at him.

The squirrel Afalfa used the little English he knew and he said “You idiot, hajkufdosfjkshf!”

Ape understood jibberish and knew he said “it was not my fault”.
Just then a granny arrived in on a motorbike just off the M50 and sped through the tunnel in Croke Park. The bike flew out onto the pitch, turned around in circles and started doing doughnuts.

The chicken shouted “Is your underwear pink flowers with polka-dots?”.

“Hok” replied the squirrel blushing.

“You’re lying!” said the chicken...