Alex and Toby’s Big Vet Adventure

St Brigid’s Senior Girls’ School, Finglas West, Dublin 12, 3rd Class, 8 January 2020

There was a boy called Alex and he lived with his mam and dad.

One day, Alex was playing with his puppy Toby.

Alex wanted to adopt a new dog, a friend for Toby.

The next day, Alex went on holidays with his family and dog.

Alex was at the beach and Toby ran away.

Toby ran over to a beach ball and got lost!

While Alex was looking for Toby, he didn’t notice that a giant tarantula with red eyes had jumped onto his back.

Alex screamed and jumped all over the place.

Alex called, “Toby!”

Toby came over and ate the tarantula.

When they got home from their holiday, Alex realised that Toby was not acting normal and didn’t want to play.

They went to the vet with Toby and found out that  Toby was feeling a bit sick.

Toby had to get needles and he yelped.

Alex felt bad for Toby.

Toby puked up the tarantula.

He soon felt better and started to play with Alex again...