Afro Man Strikes Again!

Virgin Mary Boys National School, 4th/5th/6th Class, 15th October 2009
One dark night, SpiderMonkey and Manfish Pig were hanging out in the wheelchair department of their local shop. 

“How did you get crippled?” Manfish Pig asked SpiderMonkey.

“Tripped over a stone,” SpiderMonkey said, “while chasing BatteredSausage-Man.”

“Why were you chasing him?” Manfish Pig asked.

“Because I was hungry, I was looking for a snack,” SpiderMonkey told him.

Suddenly they saw Afro-Man through the window, he was heading for the shop! 

Manfish Pig legged it to the air vent, but SpiderMonkey wheeled himself to the back door.  He tried to push the door but it was supposed to be pulled!

Afro-Man came up behind SpiderMonkey’s wheelchair.  He grabbed the handles and started running SpiderMonkey all over the shop.  He banged him into everything. Glasses crashed all over SpiderMonkey, and Afro-Man kept shouting, “CLEAN UP ON AISLE TWE-E--ELVE!  CLEAN UP ON AISLE TWE-E-ELVE!”   

Suddenly, Manfish Pig came flying out of the air vent.  He jumped on Afro-Man’s head and tackled him.  “Hasta la vista, man!” he cried.  But he bounced off Afro-Man’s hair and broke his fin!

Then BatteredSausage-Man ran into the shop, shouting “Leave Afro-Man alone!”   He was really jealous of SpiderMonkey because BatteredSausage-Man wanted Afro-Man to be his nemesis, not SpiderMonkey’s!