St. Patricks G.N.S, 5th Class, 21st November 2012
One day, the two-headed afro dog (Billy Bob Joe, who had a chubby face and whose side of the afro was black, and Freckles, who had luminous green freckles, really big innocent eyes, and whose side of the afro was chocolate brown) and their best friend, Pinky the marshmallow, were lying down in their beds having an afternoon snooze.

Pinky was a pink squishy marshmallow, and they had been friends for four years. As they were lying there with the TV on, they saw on the news that there was a Presidential election going on in Antarctica.

“Where is Antarctica?” asked Freckles.

“I thought they said America,” said Billy Bob Joe.

“No, they said the President of Antarctica,” said Pinky.

“Oh, even better!” said Billy Bob Joe. “I’d be a way better president than both of you.”

“Ahhhhh, look! There’s snow!” screamed Freckles.

Pinky thought to himself, “Maybe I can trick them.” He knew that their greatest fear was snow, but he also thought he would make a better president than they would, so he still wanted them to go.

“I actually read somewhere that it’s really hot. That’s probably just fake snow for a joke,” he explained, with a smirk on his face.

“Ooooh, maybe there’s an ice rink and ice cream,” Freckles said dreamily.

Just before they started off on their adven...“Where’s Pinky?” asked Billy Bob Joe. They had just noticed that Pinky was missing!