Aengus and the Chocolate Heist

Lucan Educate Together National School, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 29th September 2021

Aengus the ten year old boy was playing his first GAA match. He was a defender. Afterwards, he met his cousin Patricia in town.

They hopped on the next horse drawn carriage to Ringsend. 

“How did the match go?” asked Patricia. 

“It went great!” replied Aengus. 

They decided to visit the nearest chocolate factory. 

Patricia said, “You really like chocolate don’t you?”

“I love it!” Aengus exclaimed. 

Suddenly, the chocolate factory went on fire. They stuffed loads of chocolate into their clothes and pockets and ran away. 

The Gardaí chased after them and caught them.

“Put your hands up” the Gardaí shouted. 

They managed to escape the Gardaí who tried to handcuff them.

They dropped the chocolate into a ditch and the Gardaí continued to chase them. 

They fell over some horse poo and the Gardaí were getting closer. 

Then, Aengus took out his violin and started to play it to chase away the Gardaí...