Adventures of Zombob and DJ Quack

Star of the Sea Sandymount, 3rd Class, 19th December 2011
Chapter 1 
The Big Bang

There was a big bang because the Jack in the Box army was up to its usual tricks, flipping houses and destroying people. 
DJ Quack was licking a lollipop and listening to hip hop.

Meanwhile Zombob the zombie was in his house getting tossed from side to side by the jack in the box army. He finally fell out of the window and landed in the river.

DJ Quack dropped his lollipop and ran to the side of the river and jumped in to save Zombob.

After Zombob had been pulled from the river they heard the jack in the box army finishing off his house with a big bang!

Chapter 2 
The Meeting

Zombob started break dancing to the hip hop music when suddenly a news flash interrupted the music.

It said that the jack in the box army was attacking and everyone had to evacuate.

DJ Quack and Zombob couldn’t think what to do next so they decided to go to the good King to come up with a plan.    

At the meeting they discovered that zombies were invincible and that the houses couldn’t get them so they decided to turn everyone into zombies.