The Adventures of Weenie and Hotdog

Gaelscoil Baile Munna, Baile Munna, 3rd Class, 26th March 2019

Weenie the Sausage got out of the package and fell on the floor, but no one knew.

Someone stood on Weenie the Sausage.

Hotdog saved him after he fell and he had to go to the food hospital.

He grew wings at the food hospital.

“My greatest wish came true!” said Weenie.

Two weeks’ time passed and he was out of the food hospital.

His greatest fear was now to be eaten.

Once he got out of the food hospital, he almost got eaten but he was able to fly away.

He now had to go to train his wings.

Weenie needed a leap of faith to practise with these wings.

He fell down but he came back up…