The Adventures of Toastie and Lord Posh

Tyrrelstown Educate Together National School, Dublin 15, 6th Class, 20 November 2019

“The Crocs! They’re after me!” screamed Toastie the Bread.

Toastie had popped out of the toaster, slipped on some butter and fallen off the counter.

There was a huge pair of Crocs walking towards it.

Toastie’s best friend, Lord Posh the Chocolate Chip Muffin, saved Toastie by using his paper wrapper as a parachute to jump down to the floor.

“Help me!” shouted Toastie.

“I’ll help you!” said Lord Posh.

There was a toy Lamborghini belonging to the toddler in the house.

Lord Posh had parachuted down perfectly into the driver’s seat.

The crocs were getting closer.

Toastie was afraid the Crocs would eat its toes.

Lord Posh swerved the car in front of Toastie just in time.

“Get in!” said Lord Posh in a cool, posh muffin way.

Toastie got into the car. They drove off into the bathroom...