The Adventures of the Tiny Whineys

Assumption GNS, Walkinstown 4th class
Once there was a small family who lived in a brick under a girl’s bed.  

The girl’s name was Áine and she was nine years old.  The little people were afraid of Aine because she was so big. 

They would leave the brick to go outside and get fruit to eat, and then come back in. 

The family’s greatest ambition was to get to the M50 to live in a cardboard box.  One day they saw a tractor and jumped onto it to try to get to the M50. 

As they were looking for food on the tractor, they fell off and landed near a cardboard box.  They started looking in the box to see what it was.  They saw little hamsters inside. 

“Yuk!” said Timothy the baby.  This was his first word.  Up until then he had only said “Brick-HOUSE, Brick-HOUSE.” 

The mummy hamster came over and bit the daddy little person on the nose and he said “OW!!” 

All the hamsters ran away, except one, which the family kept as a pet and named Pickle.

They were looking around for food again when they realised the cardboard box was haunted with other ghost people who were on an adventure as well but got squished by a car and had flown to the cardboard box. 

They turned into ghosts because they hadn’t finished their adventure and they couldn’t got to heaven until they had finished what they were meant to do.

The little people saw fruit outside and they went outside to eat it, but fruit flies saw them and started attacking them.  The little people ran back into the cardboard box. 

The little people closed over the lid of the box but the fruit flies did big poos that come through the roof and onto the daddy’s head, all over his favourite hat!! ...