The Adventures of the Super Hamster

Corpus Christi National School, Drumcondra, 3rd Class, 19 November 2018

Once upon a terrible time, Sprinkles the Hamster was in a very dull world called Dull World because nothing was made of sweets.

Sprinkles wanted to make everything out of sweets. 

Sprinkles the Hamster had heard that there was a Sweetland, but it was too far and she wished that she could go there.

She had a friend called Sparkles, and she went to see her to tell her the wish.

“Sparkles my wish is I want to go to Sweetland.”

“Let’s go to Dull World City Council and ask them for public transport.”

On the way to Dull World City Council they noticed a dog guarding the council.

“Oh no, there’s a dog. How are we going to get in?”