The Adventures of Sprinkles and Unitato

St Fergal’s, County Wicklow, 5th Class, 13th September 2016

Sprinkles the unicorn was a unicorn. A long time ago in a faraway land, by the crystal clear waters, where Sprinkles lived, she woke up with a random desire to sneeze rainbows.

She knew she had to find somebody to help her. Her best friend was the Unitato, who was half unicorn, half potato. She decided to go and ask him for help. 

Sprinkles went to the Cloudy City to find Unitato. She found him in the mall, drinking a Starducks. 

“What ya drinking there?” Sprinkles asked. 

“Sprinkles! You’re here!” said Unitato. 

“Never mind that, I need your help!” exclaimed Sprinkles. 

“With what?”  

“I need you to help me find the flower of sneezes in Leprechaun Land.” Sprinkles explained. 

“But… You-Know-Who lives there…” says Unitato. 

“Who’s You-Know-Who??” asked Sprinkles. 

“Bob the horse!” Unitato screamed, dropping her Starducks. 

Sprinkles gasped in despair. 

“But I need to find that flower to sneeze rainbows! I don’t care about him, I won’t let him get in my way,” said Sprinkles, sneezing loudly. 

“Luckily, there’s a Leprechaun that works here, we can ask for directions”, Unitato said. 

They went and found the leprechaun at a bar: “Just wait while I finish me Guinness”. 

He slammed down his glass, and said “Now, what are you doing here?” 

“We need you to give us directions to Leprechaun Land, surely you know where it is”, says Sprinkles.

The leprechaun is shocked: “Don’t you know that Bob the horse lives in Leprechaun Land? Do ye know how dangerous he is?”

 “We know what colour Bob is, he’s blue, we can look out for him,” Sprinkles and Unitato reassured him.

At that, the leprechaun smacks his hand off the table, leaps off his stool, and rushes off. 

Sprinkles and Unitato look at each other and start following the Leprechaun back to his house. They sneak into his house, and hear singing coming from the bathroom. Looking for the stairs, they see a sign. The Unitato points at it, trembling.

Keep out, this is Bob the Horse’s house” the sign says.

The leprechaun was Bob the Horse in disguise all along…