The Adventures of Skippy the Magical Unicorn

St. Fiachra’s SNS, Beaumont, 6th Class, 7th November 2011
It was Friday 13th in King Matthew’s Kingdom in Mexico. 

Meanwhile, Skippy the magical unicorn was running through a flower-filled meadow when he came upon an enchanted tree. 
He noticed that there were leprechauns running around the tree. 

His best friend Rhino approached with a candy floss beard. 

He had just been attacked by the leprechauns. 

“Stop eating my beard!” he shouted, as he tried to shake them off. 
Skippy consoled his friend. “That’s the last time that’s going to happen.  We’re going to King Matthew’s castle to complain about the minion leprechauns.”

“But how do we get there Skippy?” asked Rhino. 

The tree then piped in.  “You have to go down Meadow Lane and you’ll come across a rainbow bridge. 

But once you get to his castle, you’ll have to defeat a bubble blowing dragon.”
Skippy said to Rhino, “Hop on.”  But then he collapsed because Rhino was so fat. 

Skippy braced himself, but then took Rhino and stumbled away. 

After many hours stumbling along, they approached the rainbow bridge.  Over in the distance they could see King Matthew’s castle surrounded by lightning bolts…..