The Adventures of Mr. Murder the Hamburger

St. Mary's and St. Benedict's NS, 3rd Class, 24/03/10
Once there was a burger called Mr. Murder. His best friend was Coco the Monkey. They met in the jungle when someone threw them out of a speed boat.

They were washed up on the beach.

Mr. Murder said, “Hi. I’m glad you’re here, but I wish I had a girlfriend.”

Coco said, “I wish I had a girlfriend too.”

Mr. Chilli washed up on the shore after them. He said, “There’s girls on the next island.”

Mr. Murder and Coco got a speed boat to the next island. When they got to the island they were hungry.

They went to a café and they saw the girls there. The girls were named Sally and Chloe. They looked at the boys from the other side of the café…