The Adventures of Mr. Fancypants

St. Fiachras, 2nd Class, 10/02/10
One day Mr. Fancypants saw Squishy the Marshmallow running to his house. He jumped into the toilet to hide and Squishy flushed him down into the sewers.

He started running around in the sewers trying to get away. He got lost and then found a giant lollipop and it came to life.

He was about to eat it when an alligator came along and ate it instead, and a crocodile ate Mr. Fancypants.

Luckily, Mr. Fancypants had a box of matches in his fancy pants. He lit one of them in the crocodile’s stomach and the crocodile coughed him up.

Then the crocodile jumped into the water to try to put it out. Then he jumped into the alligator to get his lollipop.

He ate the lollipop, but after he ate it he was so sad that he cried so much that the sewer overflowed and washed him out to the sea.

He floated out in the sea and ended up on an island.

A shark came along, sniffed him and said “This is too smelly to eat!”

Suddenly, Barack Obama jumped out of an airplane. “How dare you eat Mr. Fancypants?!” he said.

He opened his parachute, but it was too late and he landed on the shark.

He pulled out his water cannon and said “Hasta la vista, Sharky.”

The shark swam away.

Squishy the Marshmallow man arrived in a 170 metre speedboat with his marshmallow gun.

Squishy started chasing Mr. Fancypants around the island. Barack Obama ran after Squishy with his water cannon…