The Adventures of Michael, G.B. and the Atomic Fart (BOOM!)

St. Fiachra’s SNS, Beaumont,1 December 2011, 6th Class
One day in Mexico, Ikea was having a 50% off sale on Atomic Baked Beans. 

Michael the Evil One-Legged Donkey was stealing toes when he heard about this amazing offer.

He then called his greatest friend G.B. the Gangsta Bear and said, “They’re having a sale in Ikea on Atomic Baked Beans.

If I get my hoof on them, I can fart an atomic bomb!” 
G.B. said “That’s tight, Dawg. Let’s hit it!”

Accompanied by their boombox, they made their way to Ikea, Michael walking on his head because he only had one leg.

When they arrived, however, they saw an old woman walking to her car with a dreaded trolley. 

They ran away as they were both so afraid. 

“What are we gonna do?” asked Michael. “They have trollies here!”…