The Adventures of Joe the Buffalo and Thai

San Carlo Senior 4th Class 8th March 2011
Once upon a time in a Chinese forest there lived big Joe the Buffalo and Thai the Dragon, his best friend.

They were out hunting for berries.

Joe had the ability to change into a mouse whenever he liked.  When he was a mouse, he could travel on top of Thai.

While they were searching for berries, Joe was riding on top of Thai, holding on to Thai’s ears.  Suddenly he hit a branch and fell off Thai.

Joe landed beside a big hairy spider.

Joe screamed,“Aahhhhh!!!!” and ran like a rocket at the speed of light.

Thai followed him – flying through the air - to warn him that he was going to bump into the Great Wall of China.

“Watch out!” yelled Thai. “The Great Wall of China is ahead of you!”
But it was too late.