The Adventures of Jimmy the Grape and Timmy the Onion

Francis Street School Dublin 8, 5th class, 1st March 2021

One day in the kitchen, Jimmy the Grape was wondering about having more friends while sitting down in a fruit bowl.

Then Bob, the really big child, went to grab some grapes.

He missed Jimmy and grabbed another grape who screamed, “No! Don’t eat me!” 

Just then, Bob’s mum came in with a bag. The bag had onions in it and she put it in the vegetable bowl.

Bob was scoffing some grapes. But then he went to make a cheese and onion sambo. 

He remembered he forgot something in his room. He left and was gone for about fourteen minutes.

Bob came back and went to grab an onion but Jimmy started throwing grapes at him to stop him.

Bob got distracted and the onion rolled down to the floor without Bob realising. 

“Wait, you’re alive?” Bob said. “I’m going to eat a living grape.”

Bob went to grab Jimmy who slipped out of his hand. Jimmy ran for his life and followed the onion.

The onion rolled under the kitchen counter and Jimmy followed.

There were all sorts of zombie grapes and potatoes under the kitchen counter. 

Timmy and Jimmy were stuck under the corner of the counter. They couldn’t get out so they decided to ask each other what their names were. 

“What’s your name?” Jimmy said. 

“My name’s Timmy the Onion. What about you?” said Timmy. 

“My name’s Jimmy the Grape,” said Jimmy.

“Thank you for saving my life,” Timmy said. 

Meanwhile, Bob was crying. One; because he didn’t get his grape or his cheese and onion sambo.

Two; because he didn’t know what had just happened.

Three; because his mum came in and saw how dirty the floor was and got mad.

“What did you do?” his mum said.

“The onion and grape started throwing everything and made a mess,” said Bob.

Just then they started to hear a rumble under the kitchen counter...