The Adventures of Hobo Joe and Toeless Joe

Scoil Thomais, Castleknock. 4th Class
Hobo Joe and Toeless Joe are walking down the street when they see a flyer about winning a golden toe. 

The poster said that if you want the toe, you have to go all the way to America to be in a wrestling match with Evil Barney.

If you win, you have to climb the tallest volcano to get the golden toe (that’s where it is), which is guarded by evil birds.  To get the plane tickets, you have to skateboard down Mount Everest.

Toeless Joe immediately says, “ Let’s do it!”

Hobo Joe says, “Why, it’s way too dangerous and you don’t even have five toes.”

“You’re crazy, let’s do it,” says Toeless Joe.

Hobo Joe says, “Only if you swap cardboard boxes with me because mine is wet and about to fall apart.”

The next day, they are in their cardboard boxes asking people to give them money for skateboards and safety gear.

 They look too rich so people don’t give them money. 

They eventually have to steal the gear from Stephen’s Skateboard Shop.  The police catch them breaking into the shop and put them in jail.

In jail, Hobo Joe finds a spoon and digs his way out. But Hobo Joe is too big and won’t fit into the hole so he eats the bars instead.

He says to Toeless Joe, “It’s sort of tasty.”

Hobo Joe says, “Let’s run away before we get caught!”

Just then, dolls from Penny’s Toy Shop run over and bring them to safety.

The toys take stuff from their store and give them free skateboards and they arrive to Mount Everest in their toy car.

 In their car, Toeless Joe realises they have Barbie skateboards.  Then they have to ride down Mount Everest - both of them -  on one skateboard but Toeless Joe trips and falls down Mount Everest.  Hobo Joe jumps to the rescue on the skateboard.  

Hobo Joe says “Oh yeah, Toeless Joe, you’re a loser, I’m a winner,” and he gets him down Mount Everest.

At the airport, there is a bouncy castle and Toeless Joe and Hobo Joe scare all the children by bouncing on it.  All the mums come and chase them off with sausage rolls.

While they are running, they meet the guy who has the tickets to the wrestling ring in America.

When they are on the airplane, Hobo Joe and Toeless Joe buy a packet of pick-‘n-mix sweets and they get food poisoning after eating them.