The Adventures of Hammy and Fry

Wicklow Montessori School, 1st/2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 15 April 2021

One day, Hammy the Hamburger and Fry the Chip were going to the park.

They went on the swings and the see-saw. And then, they saw the human.

They ran for their lives and nearly didn’t make it. 

“What should we do?” Fry said.

“Let’s go to Burger King,” replied Hammy.

They made it to Burger King and jumped into one of the boxes to hide. Someone ordered a burger and chips.

When they picked up Hammy, he screamed. Hammy was terrified that he was going to be eaten.

“HELP!” screamed Hammy.

“Oh no, we have to get out of here before we get eaten,” Fry was shocked.

The person heard Hammy screaming and felt scared. They dropped Hammy and he landed back in the box with Fry.

Hammy and Fry ran outside and hid behind the trees. They saw a hotdog all scared and lonely behind the tree as well.

“I am hiding because there is someone looking to eat me in the restaurant beside Burger King,” whispered the hot dog. “My name is Hog.”

They decided to not to help Hog because they were too scared to be eaten.

“Goodbye Hog,” they said.

Hammy and Fry snuck off in their box and went to a rocketship. They were planning to go to Mars...