The Adventures of Goblinson the Goblin and Dave the Frog

St. Mochta's National School, Clonsilla 4th Class, 01 November 2021

One day Goblinson the Goblin was looking for a slice of cheese in the chicken pen.

Dave the Frog was crying out for help because he was stuck in a tree.

Goblinson was going to help Dave but he got distracted by a slice of cheese.

Goblinson finally went to help Dave but then a chicken started chasing him. 

“Ah! Help me, Dave!” said Goblinson.

“I can’t. I’m stuck in a tree,” Dave replied. 

He looked over his shoulder and there were a lot of chickens pecking at the cheese. 

“Stop eating my cheese!” yelled Goblinson.

Goblinson was trying to do a dangerous stunt for a movie. He was shot out of a cannon ball and landed in a chicken pen.

When he realised he landed in a chicken pen, he screamed in fear but then he saw a slice of cheese which seemed to relax him. 

Suddenly Goblinson saw a big black limo and a movie director got out of the big black limo. 

“Hey, remember me? I’m still stuck in the tree,” said Dave. 

Dave got bored and jumped on the director’s head. The director screamed in shock and threw Dave back into the tree...