The Adventures of Gangsta Peanut and 2-Legz!

Virgin Mary Boys National School, Ballymun, 4th & 6th Class,10 November 2011, Illustrations by Angela Finn
One day Gangsta Peanut was walking down the road when he saw a group of kids playing Pac-Man games and he did not like this one bit.

Gangsta Peanut ran into the arcade and destroyed all the Pac-Man games and bumped into Stanley the horse.

“Yo 2-Legz! I heard you got beef with Pac-Man,” said Gangsta Peanut as he popped a peanut in the last machine.
“Heck yeah! I was playing Pac-Man so much that I lost my legs!” said Stanley, destroying the arcade with his mutated ear wax from his wand.

“Aiiight then, let me break it down for you like this,” said Gangsta Peanut. He started to rap.
“Let’s make a pact to defeat Pac-Man
It’s me and Stan, we’ve got the master plan, in Afghanistan. 
We’re gonna defeat him like he don’t know where he’s been!”
“Heck yeah, let’s roll!” said 2-Legz.
“What’s that? A catchphrase of somethin’?” said Gangsta Peanut.
“Heck yeah!” said 2-Legz. 
Then they hopped in the Lamborghini and raced off to defeat Pac-Man.