Adventures of Doughnut Man and Coffee Cup

Adamstown Educate Together National School, 5th/6th Class, 17 September 2012
Doughnut Man was at home in the bakery -  he had just been made by the baker.

He was a pink frosted doughnut.

A man came into the bakery and bought Doughnut Man and a cup of coffee. The man turned out to be a wizard. 

He took the doughnut and the coffee to his secret lair under his castle.

The wizard’s name was Mertolini.  He cast a spell on Doughnut Man and the cup of coffee. The cup of coffee sprouted a moustache and both of them started talking.

“Hey you! Nice moustache -  I like it” said Doughnut Man.

“I know, I like it too,” said the cup of coffee.

The wizard was in the other room casting a spell on his cat. Doughnut Man said, “I need to get back to the bakery.

My girlfriend is there and I need to save her.”

“I’ll help you with that,” said the cup of coffee. 
Just then another doughnut appeared - a jam doughnut.