The Adventures of Dodo the Ballerina Pig

Stanhope Street Primary School, 4th Class, 13th January 2021

Once upon a time there was a ballerina pig named Dodo.

She was very lonely and she needed a friend. The next day when she went to ballerina class, she met with a ballerina cow called Milky.

Dodo said, “Can I be your friend?”

Milky said, “Yes! I’m a cow!”

Dodo said, “Yay! I’m a pig!”

Dodo had no ballerina shoes, so she went to get them from the pig shop. She met a horse in the shop and got scared.

When she turned around to pay for her shoes, she realised that the shopkeeper was a horse.

She screamed and ran down the road without paying. 

When she was running down the road, she tripped over and she fell on her face.

She looked back at what she tripped over and she saw that it was a horse...