The Adventures of Chicken Nugget and Polly

Galway Educate Together National School, Thomas Hynes Road, Newcastle, Galway, 4th Class, 14 June 2019

Chicken Nugget goes to the bookstore and buys a diary, but he can’t write in it because he’s too fat to sit down.

Chicken Nugget has no arms, so he can’t pull up the chair. He tries to do it, but he falls to the ground.

He rolls out the door, and keeps on rolling for a full half hour.

Chicken Nugget rolls into a pig pen and bumps in to Polly, the skinny pig. It turns out Polly is an inventor. She has created her own typewriter.

“I am too fat to write in my diary,” says Chicken Nugget to Polly.

“I may be able to help you there,” says Polly. She tells him about her typewriter.

Polly gives Chicken Nugget the typewriter, but he presses the self destruct button and it goes on fire.

Polly is angry because the chicken has hit this button. She worked so hard to create the typewriter!

Polly storms off. Chicken Nugget goes back to his apartment.

He decides to eat colouring pencils to achieve his dream of pooping a rainbow.

Polly comes back to say sorry but she finds Chicken Nugget choking on the colouring pencils.

Chicken Nugget is down on the floor, rolling around with his legs up.

“Oh my, let me help you!” says Polly. She summons a robot to do surgery on her great friend.

It’s chainsaw surgery and it works. Every time the robot takes out a pencil, Chicken Nugget’s body turns that colour.

Meanwhile, the flaming typewriter is still on fire. “It’s getting very warm in here, maybe we should get out.

There’s a cafe across the road.”...