The Adventures of Cheesy Grey and Sneezy Cheesy

Scoil Thomáis​, Laurel Lodge, Castleknock, 4th Class, 27 November 2019

One time in the universe, there was a block of blue cheese called Cheesy Grey. Cheesy Grey lived on the moon.

The moon exploded so he was blasted to Earth.

When Cheesy Grey arrived on Earth, he landed in jail.

He escaped on a flying cracker and he went to his lab. The lab was made of salty crackers.

Cheesy Grey’s power was that he could turn into any kind of cheese.

After many years, Cheesy Grey realised that he didn’t like crackers and he wanted all the cheese in the world.

One day, the nacho gods made the clouds rain nacho chips.

Cheesy Grey was in pain when the chips landed on him and scraped off some of his cheese.

Cheesy Grey got into his cheesemobile and went to hospital.

The doctor at the hospital was called Sneezy Cheesy.

He sneezed all over Cheesy Grey.

“Ewww! Disgusting!” said Cheesy Grey.

“It is special cheese! It will help you get better,” Sneezy Cheesy explained.

Cheesy Grey was happy that the sneeze was cheese and he could eat it...