The Adventures of Cheesy Bob and Mr.Chip

Blessington No. 1 School, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 03 November 2020

Once there was a very cheesy cheeseburger, called Cheesy Bob, who didn’t like eating chips.

He escaped from McDonald’s and he loved watching Walter the Walrus’ cooking show.

One day, he stopped watching Walter’s cooking show because he saw him cooking burgers.

He brought a friend called Mr. Chip from Burger King.

They loved watching cooking shows together, and they were horrified to see Cheesy Bob’s niece on the show.

His greatest wish was to be a lifeguard, but he was afraid of water. 

“Cheesy Bob is I,” said Cheesy Bob. 

“Mr. Chip is I,” said Mr.Chip.

“You’re lucky I found you in Burger King,” said Cheesy Bob. 

“I met a man in the supermarket yesterday” said Mr. Chip, “he tried to eat me!”

One day Mr.Chip asked Cheesy Bob if he could go to a rugby match with him.

But when they went, people tried to eat them. 

“I wanted to see Johnny Chicken Nugget, but he was not there,” said Cheesy Bob.