The adventures of Chario The Pepperoni and Onion Man

O'Connell's Primary School, 4th Class, 14 April 2010
Once upon a time Chario the pepperoni tried to save the Princess. He saved her from the dragon that had four heads and was sitting on top of the spire.

His old girlfriend princess Orange was trying to escape from the apples.

She chopped up all the apples with the stem on top of her head and then she diced them with her nails.

She also diced up the king and so she became the Princess of Apples and Oranges.  Her kingdom was attacked by the Banana people so Onion Man  decided to get an army of onions together to try to save her.

Fluffy the Wolf Man saw the onions and he attacked them and tried to eat them but he couldn’t because he started to cry.

Then the Princess of Apples and Oranges got away from the banana army and she helps Onion man to get rid of the Wolf Man.

Wolf Man says “I’ll be back”.

Chario becomes jealous of Onion man saving his old girlfriend so he challenges him to a joust with hot dogs.