The Adventures of the Cereal Box

Our Lady of Victories BNS, Ballymun. 5th Class. 2nd March 2010
Howard Wallawitz was a secret agent talking cereal box.  He lived in a galaxy far, far away.  His girlfriend was a twelve foot killer whale. 

Howard’s code name was Bob McCheerio.  His greatest ambition in life was to become a real boy.  His best friend was a platypus named Sheldon. 

“I have a mission,” said Howard to Sheldon. “I have to kill Mr. Avonmore the evil milk, and take back my girlfriend.” 

“She’s a brilliant belly dancing whale isn’t she?” said Sheldon.

“Yeah, she is, she’s been doing it for years.  I have to save her from Mr. Avonmore before 05/03/2010,” replied Howard.

“Well, you only have three days.  Are you afraid the smell of sour milk will kill her if you don’t rescue her before the expiration date?” asked Sheldon.

The two friends then packed their spoons and got ready to go to save Howard’s girlfriend.

“Wait one minute,” said Howard. “I just have to update my Twitter.”