The Adventures of Captain United

Scoil Mhuire SNS,Blakestown, 3rd class
Once upon a time there was a little boy called Captain United.  One day he went to the zoo, met a lion called Lulu and made good friends with her.

Captain United played football for Blakestown Local Under 10s football team. If he won the league he would have a try out for Manchester United. 

He and Lulu went for a day out to the zoo to meet Lulu’s family. 

They both got their face painted. Captain United got his face painted as a lion and Lulu got hers as the Manchester United crest.

Captain United got on Lulu’s back and rode her back to Blakestown.

They went into Captain United’s house and his mother said, “Come here you little devil.”

His mam smacked him so hard that he cried.  He cried so much that all the paint ran off his face and his mam was disgusted.

The next day, Captain United got up for the big match against Corduff.  

Both teams were all very excited because either team could win the league today.

Captain United’s mam was even shouting for Corduff.