The Adventures in Candy Land

Central Model Senior School, Marlborough Street, 3rd Class, Monday 9th October 2017

Once upon a time there lived a wolf called Lassie. She lived in a chocolate castle, with her best friend Jack the Werewolf. The chocolate castle was in Candy Land.

Lassie was very scared of pumpkins because one time she was chased by a live, mean pumpkin, and she had to run into the forest.

One day in the castle, the two friends were trying to make a concoction.

This potion would make Lassie into a Mystery Wolf. This was Lassie’s greatest dream!

Lassie and Jack read the instructions to figure out the recipe. Then they started to find the ingredients they needed.

They needed candy canes, dog poop, melted marshmallows, some cursed jelly and…..a pumpkin!

Lassie was really terrified when she read about the pumpkin. She felt like she was having a heart attack!

“Don’t worry” said Jack, “I’ll get the pumpkin for you”.

“It’s too dangerous to go out alone, I will go with you” replied Lassie.

Lassie and Jack had to go on a very long walk, outside the forest, to find a pumpkin.

As they were leaving the forest, they came across a big swamp…