The Adventures of Bobbert and the Evil Snakes

Scoil Fhursa, 3rd Class County Galway 20 October 2018

Bobert sees something in the sand, sunshine, flashing, The T(alking) phone.

Picks up the phone, and the phones begins to talk.  “Please play a game with me.” 

Bobert is freaked out at the talking phone. Begins to play PacMan Phone shows location, and shows where the snakes are.

Bobert is afraid of snakes.  Bobert runs down the beach toward a cave, safe from snakes.

Bobert brings the Phone into the cave and gives him arms and legs. T phone says “Thank you.. How do I use these?” Phone offers a thumbs up.

They decide to build mechanical things to confront the snakes. One or two weapons explode in the cave.

Suddenly St Patrick arrives on a mechanical snake. Bobert screams. St Patrick says “Relax, it’s mechanical, Dude.”

Bobert relaxes, but says “The snakes captured my family. I haven’t seen them in a long time.” Bobert says to T phone, “I miss my parents and I want to find them.” The T(alking) phone says, “I am tracking your parents.”

To be continued: