The Adventures of Bob and the Bone

 St. Brigid’s GNS, Killester, 5th class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 5th March 2020

There was a dog called bob who wished to own a very big bone.

He had a big fear of Raymond the cat, and his best friends was Jerry his Pomeranian big brother.

One day he was sitting in his dog bed, thinking about going on an adventure.

He asked Jerry if he wanted to go with him “Hey jerry want to go on an adventure with me”. “Ye sure, but where to?” Jerry replied.

“I want to find a huge rare bone on the other side of the country” Bob explained, screaming in excitement.

“Buuuttt… Raymond the cat is in my way. And I need you to go and punch him, or scrape him with your claws!” “Are you mad?

I can’t just walk up to him and give him a dig. I will only do it if we can get a spice bag and you give me half of the bone.”

Come on lets go get Raymond” Bob said.

Their mum called them in for dinner and they ran away.

They went into a pet shop and got all their supplies.

When they were in the pet shop somebody from the dog pound came and took Bob.

And when Jerry ran after them he bumped into Raymond the cat...