The adventures of barking bread and diarygold

St Joseph's BNS Terenure, 3rd Class, 13th September 2010.
Barking Bread was in the oven at the Evil Baker’s Bakery. He was afraid of the Evil Baker.

The Evil Baker was planning to spread his best friend Dairygold on Barking Bread.

The Evil Baker had to go to the bathroom. He opened up the oven door to let Barking Bread cool down.

He said to the evil Flying Ham, “guard these two while I’m gone.”

Flying Ham said “OK.” A pigeon came in through the open window.

He grabbed Barking Bread in his beak, and Dairygold in his feet. Dairygold said, “we’re saved!

Barking Bread said, “I’m not, he’s going to eat me.”

Flying Ham flew after the pigeon, who dropped them because Barking Bread was still too hot from the oven…