The Adventures of Banana Billy Bob and His Friends

Our Lady Immaculate Senior School, Darndale, 4th Class, 14th January 2020

Hi, I’m Banana Billy Bob. My whole life I’ve been scared of a blender, but I’ve had my best friend Kiki the Kiwi to help me.

Kiki helped me to try to find a strawberry girlfriend. My life is in the wonderful world of food.

Kiki succeeded and my girlfriend is a strawberry.

I don’t know how Kiki was brave enough to go over there, because the strawberry bowl is behind the blender.

Kiki fell on the way to the bowl and I was really scared that she would get blended into a smoothie.

I tried to get a helicopter to save her because I knew that she would fall into the blender.

One day Strawberry Juice the Strawberry was going on a walk and she fell off the cliff (a.k.a. the counter) and into the blender.

When she was trying to get out, a human picked her up and put her in the food bin and she didn’t make it out.

After that Kiki the Kiwi, who was in a drawer, was taken out and put in the sink.

Kiki climbed out and the human got a knife.

Of course I didn’t go to save them because I’d get dirty in the food bin and I wouldn’t ripen...