The Adventure of the Red Jumper

St. Declan’s NS, Ashbourne​, 3rd class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 12th February 2020

Once upon a time there was a red jumper called Greg. 

One day he got a message from his friend Jeff who was also a jumper, a green jumper, saying “Let’s go on an adventure”

It turned out that Jeff had Nutella on him and all he wanted was for Greg to scrape it off.

Then they went on a road trip to Cabra but they got in a fight on the way.

They saw Gary, the purple grape at KFC.

Gary the grape said “I’m going to change my name in Court to Mousseline!”

So then they started a KFC battle to see who could eat the most.

After that, when Mousseline and Greg came home, Wendy the Washing Machine started a fight.

Greg ran outside and…